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  • Troi Cockayne


Hearing stories about God is good. Learning 'how' to know God is profoundly better.

'THE ACCESS' to knowing God is a free gift made possible by the sacrificial life of Jesus Christ.'THE ABILITY' to know God is more like an art or a skill; Like learning to surf, play piano or learning a foreign language. One must;

1) First, have 'a desire to know'.

2) Second, be committed to the learning process.

THE RESULT of learning to surf is the blessing of riding on waves.

THE RESULT of learning to play piano is the ability to create and play music.

THE RESULT of learning a foreign language is the ability to communicate with another nation of peoples.

THE RESULT of learning 'how to know God' leads to the priceless illuminated guidance, comfort and presence of True Love.

WHAT WE VALUE - People will spend their time and resources on what they 'truly value'.

We are dedicated to helping as many people we can to truly know the experience of True Love through a knowing relationship with Jesus Christ.

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