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Terms of Service
Butterfly Discipleship

This community is designed as a discipleship ecosystem for those who desire to truly know God, distinguish His voice and be led by the Holy Spirit. It is designed to ignite faith, encourage transformation and encourage you to play an active part in the RISEN body of Christ.


  • Our vision is to lead new believers into true biblical discipleship according to Jesus and create a daily environment for healing, deliverance, transformation and growth.

  • Our vision is also to create a daily dynamic community of true followers of Jesus vs. static weekly attendance.

  1. LOVE

  • Every member of this community must agree to strive to communicate the truth in love. 

  • Every member must understand the goal is to know God's love daily and be filled in order to give to others. It's about creating a Kingdom culture of love and honor.


  • Every member must realize that Jesus sends the Holy Spirit for our dynamic transformation.

  • We learn and grow by helping one another. Disciples are humble learners and teachers.

  • Stoking the fire of faith that cause each of us to take steps of growth and courage is key in BUTTERFLY DISCIPLES


  • Caterpillars to butterflies starts with a strong connection to The Vine(Jesus, dying to the old ways must happen as we fully cocoon in the presence of the Holy Spirit, the key to true transformation. We believe every believer must understand this concept.


  • The Great Commission and doing the will of God is the heartbeat of true discipleship. Everyone that wants to be a part of this group must understand this and value it as Jesus commanded us to value it.


  • Any member of this group agrees to allow the admins of BUTTERFLY DISCIPLES to weed any comment, post or member that causes discord, division or disharmony within the God-inspired goal of this community. Our top priority is to create a safe place for people to connect and grow in their daily walk with Jesus.


  • Everyone has something of value to share and offer to the group. Helping each other is loving each other and this fulfills the greatest commandment to love God and love one another.

Join Butterfly Disciples

After reading and agreeing to above TERMS OF SERVICE share your email so we can send you your access link to join the community. Yay, excited to have you with!

Look for access link email!

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